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Welcome to MINO Engineering AG

MINO Engineering AG looks back on many years of experience in the field of process engineering and the design and construction of apparatus and plants in this branche.

With innovative ideas, competence, efficient engineering and flawless implementation, we are able to realise and commission individual apparatuses as well as complex plants for our customers, from the concept to the complete turnkey plant.

In the field of drying, processing and improving of bulk goods, MINO Engineering AG is focusing on the fluidised bed technology. Nowadays this technology is increasingly utilised in a variety of branches like chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Depending on the customer's requirements, we implement the plants completely as general contractor (GU), as partner for process engineering and planning or as supplier for the most important key components.

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Fluidised Bed Technology - Realisation of new Plants

Wirbelschichtgranulator MFB 25 Pharma

With regard to the drying and refinement of bulk materials, MINO Engineering AG can look back on many years of extensive experience in the field of fluidised bed technology.


During the more than 20 years of activity in the field of fluidised bed technology, MINO Engineering AG has been able to realise and successfully commission fluidised bed plants for numerous customers in Switzerland as well as internationally.


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Fluidised Bed Plants - Modifications, Revamps und Wearing Parts
for old existing Plants

Neues Austragsventil für alten Wirbelschichtgranulator

In addition to new plants, which - depending on customer's wishes - MINO Engineering AG implements and commissions as complete turnkey plants in cooperation with the customer or as general contractor, we also offer comprehensive services in connection with already existing fluidised bed plants.




Yeast Drying

Wirbelschichttrockner MFB 500 Y Hefetrocknung

Concerning the realisation of fluidised bed plants, MINO Engineering AG has planned, built and commissioned plants for various customers, especially in the field of drying of active baker's yeast, instant yeast and pharmaceutical yeast.


Accordingly, MINO Engineering AG has a wide range of experience in the field of yeast drying and can show numerous reference plants and satisfied customers.




General Services within the Scope of the Design
and the Realisation of Process Installations

Anlage zur Lösungsmittelrückgewinnung

In addition to the realisation of apparatus and plants in the field of fluidised bed technology, MINO Engineering AG has also many years of general experience in the field of process apparatus and plant engineering.


We offer comprehensive services for the planning and realisation of process engineering plants within the scope of our own projects, which we realise as general contractor for our customers as well as within the scope of external projects, which we realise as engineering company on mandate basis for our customers.




Laboratory Filter

Laborfilter MINOfiltertube MFT 1 Tabletop

The MINOfiltertube MFT 1 is a small solid/liquid filtration device for the use in the laboratory as well as for the production of small quantities.


The MINOfiltertube MFT 1 is supplied with a simple local instrumentation so that the most important process parameters can be easily monitored. Furthermore, it is possible to use different process modules with different specifications on the basic unit.




Fluidised Bed Technology - Principle and Possibilities

Darstellung Wirbelschicht MINO Engineering AG

If bulk materials get fluidised in a fluidised bed (e.g. of the type of MINOfluideb MFB) by means of a vertical gas flow, there appear - compared to a steady packed bed - a number of additional physical behaviours and effects that can advantageously be utilised for the execution of various technological processes.



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