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Laboratory Filter MINOfiltertube MFT 1

The MINOfiltertube MFT 1 is a small scale solid/liquid filtration device for the use in the laboratory and for the production of small quantities.

The MINOfiltertube MFT 1 is supplied with a simple local instrumentation, so that the most important process parameters can be easily monitored. Furthermore, it is possible to use different process modules with different specifications regarding the following aspects on the basic unit:

  • Filter surfaces

  • Filling volumes

  • Filter media (mesh in stainless steel, slotted plates, perforated plates, textile mesh, etc.)

  • Materials (steinless steel, glass, etc.)

  • etc.

This way the MINOfiltertube MFT 1 offers a maximum of flexibility and leaves nothing to be desired for work such as product development and scientific investigations.

  • Different process module
    - also heatable and coolable
    - diverse materials
    - etc.

  • Completely installed unit
    - valves
    - instrumentation
    - pipiing
    - etc.

  • Practical, smart design (GMP) for easy and comfortable handling

  • Table-top installation

Laborfilter MINOfiltertube für Fest- / Flüssigtrennung


The Concept of the MINOfiltertubes MFT 1


The MINOfiltertube MFT 1 is a small-scale filtration apparatus of the pressure nutsch family.


DThe special feature of the MINOfiltertube MFT 1 is the possibility to use different process modules in filter area, filter medium and filling volume. These can be exchanged quickly and easily. Thanks to this flexibility and the user-friendly design, the MINOfiltertube MFT 1 is ideally suited for experiments in the laboratory, such as the filtration of small quantities in small-scale production.

​Possible processes are:

  • Reactions

  • Pricipitations

  • Crystallisations

  • Filtrations

  • Washing

  • Drying

All in one and the same device​

Laborfilter mit Glasmodul


The devices are equipped with fittings, instruments and the necessary piping at the factory. Hence, only the pipes for compressed gas, heating/cooling medium, ventilation and extraction need to be connected during commissioning.

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