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Yeast Drying

In addition to the planning and realisation of fluidised bed plants in all branches and industrial sectors, MINO Engineering AG has planned, built and commissioned plants for various customers, especially in the field of drying of active baker's yeast, instant yeast and pharmaceutical yeast.


Hence MINO Engineering AG has a wide range of experience in the field of yeast drying and can show numerous reference plants and satisfied customers.


Together with the choice of the most suitable yeast strains and the corresponding fermentation process, the following process steps of mechanical and thermal dewatering as well as the general product handling (transport, storage under inert gas, packaging, etc.) are also of vital importance for the quality of the final dry yeast.

Depending on the customer's requirements, we implement the plants completely as general contractor (GU), as partner for process engineering and planning or as supplier for the most important key components.

Wirbelschicht Hefetrockner für die Trocknung von aktiver Bäckereihefe

Fluidised bed yeast dryer type MFB 500 Y
for the drying of active baker's yeast


The most Important Steps of the Drying of Active Baker's Yeast, Instant Yeast as well as other Products with Active Yeast


After fermentation and the preparation of the yeast milk, the yeast drying takes place according to the following steps:

  • Filtration
    - continuous (rotary vacuum filter)
    - paragraph by paragraph (filter press)

  • Extrusion
    - Shaping of the yeast granules
    - Addition of additives like
      Emulsifier, etc.

  • Drying
    - Batch fluidized bed dryer for
      highest possible quality

  • Product transport

  • Sieving

  • Interim Storage

  • Packaging
    - gas- / opaque bags
    - under N2- or CO2 inertisation

Trockenhefe Instanthefe getrocknet auf Wirbelschicht Hefetrockner


Quality Features of Baker's Yeast


For the successful application and marketing of dry active yeast (baker's yeast, instant yeast, etc.) its quality is of particular importance:

  • High activity after its reactivation with water

  • Short reactivation time

  • Quick solubility (instant yeast)

  • Long storage life (stability)

  • No change in properties due to the drying process

Please see also our flyer concerning the drying of baker's yeast.


Wirbelschicht-Mehrzweckanlage MFB 125 für Lebensmittel


Fluidised bed multipurpose plant type MFB 125,
on which - among others - also active baker's yeast is dried and refined


The diverse Stadia of the Yeast Drying


The following pictures show the yeast flakes (wet yeast), as they appear after filtration (rotary vacuum filter, filter press), followed by the yeast-spaghettis after extrusion and finally the yeast granules after the drying step (final product, dry yeast):​

Presshefe nach Filtration (vakuumdrehfilter oder Filterpresse)
Hefe-Extrudate (Spaghetti) nach Extrusion und vor Eintrag in den Hefetrockner
Endprodukt Trockenhefe (Hefegranulate) nach Trockner im Wirbelschichttrockner


Yeast Drying in the Batchwise working Fluidised Bed Dryer


With regard to the final drying step within the drying of active yeast, There is a clear trend to the batchwise working drying in a fluidised bed as the most frequent method. This clear trend bases primarly on the high requirements of the final product as well as on the general sensitivity of yeast against atmospheric oxygen and high temperatures.

The drying in a batchwise working fluidised bed dryer is characterised by the following advantages:

  • Most precise process control and regulation

  • Reproducibility of the product and the quality of the final product

  • Short drying time (short exposure to atmospheric oxygen)

  • Moderate drying temperatures (thermal sensitivity)

  • Optimal values for viability and activity

  • High degree of dry mass of the final product

  • High degree of homogeneity and quality of final product

  • Hygiene
    (cleanability of the plant)

  • Costs


Yeast dryer type MFB Y 500 (batchwise working plant)
for the drying of baker's yeast

Hefetrockner MFB 500 Y
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